Inspired by the success of the Carbon Endurance MTB Handlebar and subsequent Aero Bolt-On we set out to combine these two popular upgrades into 1 product.

Refined aero extension shape to compliment the curve and design of the Carbon Endurance MTB Handlebar.

After months of testing and development we now introduce the AERO MTB.

  • Full Carbon Construction
  • Ideal for Stage Racing / Marathons
  • 31.8mm Handlebar Diameter
  • Front Knurl allows GPS/LED attachment
  • Handlebar Width : 720mm
  • Weight : 239g including Gripper Pads

Approved for UCI MTB Events

Includes 2pc of GRIPPER PADS

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  • Gripper Pads


    Unique micro-cillia grips for enhanced comfort and control. Textured surface provides excellent grip in dry conditions and further excels when the surfaces become wet from sweat, rain or humidity.

    • Moulded shape to fit Carbon Endurance MTB Handlebar
    • Moulded shape to fit Carbon Aero Bolt-On
    • Applied via self-adhesive backing
    • Printed Logo
    • Sold 2pc per pack
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    R1,750.00 R1,595.00

    720mm Wide
    9 Degree Rearward Sweep
    31.8mm Bore
    Full Carbon Construction

    The Farr Bar has been a fantastic addition to my bike setup. While functioning as well as a ‘normal’ bar would with my hands in the traditional positions the extra middle hand position has proven to be a go-to for me on longer rides. Not only does the centre position allow me to get my body into a more aerodynamic position but it also allows me to use different muscle groups, meaning I reach the end of a ride fresher and stronger as a whole. I recommend it for any rider taking part in longer Marathon and Ultra-Endurance events.

    – Kevin Benkenstein

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    Short Nose Design – Ideal for Endurance/Farr rides
    Anti-Slip Nose Detailing
    Optimal Relief Center Channel
    Lightweight Air Foam Top Cover for Comfort
    Lightweight CrN Ti Alloy Rails
    Nylon Injected Base
    Weight : 253g
    Size: 244 x 148mm

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  • Aero 10

    • 3D Forged Alloy
    • Aero Teardrop Profile
    • Includes Aero Top Cap
    • Includes Aero Headset Top Cover
    • 31.8mm Bar Bore
    • -10 Degree
    • Available in 80 / 90 / 100mm
    • Designed for Road / Gravel Bikes
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