Bolt-On Extender Large + Aero Gravel + Arm Rest Kit + Shim Set

US $235.00

The Aero Gravel option … our new Bolt-On Extender Large paired with the Aero Gravel Handlebar and Top Mount Arm Rest Kit.

Available in 42 / 44 / 46cm widths and offering a flared drop for control and comfort on rough terrain. The addition of the Top Mount Arm Rest Kit allows for a padded and comfortable place to rest your forearms when in the extended riding position.

This setup is fully adjustable with the angle and width of the Bolt-On Extenders being tuned as well as the height, angle and width of the Arm Rest pads. Each kit also includes 4 x 5mm alloy spacers for height adjustment of the pads.

We include the Alloy Shim-Set that allows the fitment of the 31.8mm clamps to the 22.2mm diameter of the front extension.

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  • Bolt-On Extender Large
  • Aero Gravel Handlebar ( various sizes )
  • Arm Rest Kit Top Mount
  • 4pc Alloy Shim-Set

Availability : Limited Stock ready April – Pre-order to ensure allocation 


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