Bolt-On Extender Medium + Aero MTB + Arm Rest Kit + Shim Set

US $235.00

The Aero MTB option … our new Bolt-On Extender Medium paired with the Aero MTB Handlebar and Top Mount Arm Rest Kit for the ultimate MTB Cockpit.

With the integrated front extension of the Aero MTB Handlebar already providing added hand positions as well as versatility for mounting bags, lights, camera, gps etc , the addition of the Top Mount Arm Rest Kit allows for a padded and comfortable place to rest your forearms when in the extended riding position.

This setup is fully adjustable with the angle and width of the Bolt-On Extenders being tuned as well as the height, angle and width of the Arm Rest pads. Each Arm Rest Kit also includes 4 x 5mm alloy spacers for height adjustment of the pads.

We include the Alloy Shim-Set that allows the fitment of the 31.8mm clamps to the 22.2mm diameter of the front extension.

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  • Bolt-On Extender Medium
  • Aero MTB Handlebar
  • Arm Rest Kit – Top Mount
  • 4pc Alloy Shim-Set

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