720mm Wide
9 Degree Rearward Sweep
31.8mm Bore
Full Carbon Construction

The Farr Bar has been a fantastic addition to my bike setup. While functioning as well as a ‘normal’ bar would with my hands in the traditional positions the extra middle hand position has proven to be a go-to for me on longer rides. Not only does the centre position allow me to get my body into a more aerodynamic position but it also allows me to use different muscle groups, meaning I reach the end of a ride fresher and stronger as a whole. I recommend it for any rider taking part in longer Marathon and Ultra-Endurance events.

– Kevin Benkenstein

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Black, Grey

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    • Superlight Carbon Construction
    • Ideal for Endurance Events
    • Compatible with MTB and Road Handlebars
    • 31.8mm Bar Diameter
    • Allows GPS / LED Attachment
    • Weight : 98g ( including hardware )

    Aero MTB or Comfort Gravel.

    Simple, bolt-on design that can be fitted to all 31.8mm handlebars within minutes. ( NOTE : only needs 2.5~3Nm to tighten on the handlebars )

    Allows for additional hand positions on long rides as well as creating an aero-tuck position should you wish to power along on the flats.

    Sizing is similar to most popular GPS/Powermeter attachments and does not protrude excessively in any way.

    Designed, developed and manufactured in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

    Raced to victory by Ramses Bekkenk in the 2018 MUNGA race ( *new race record )

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  • FARR Zero Seatpost


    Zero Offset
    Unique One-Bolt Clamp Design
    Carbon – Unidirectional Weave
    Alloy – Sandblast Finish
    Available in both 31.6 and 27.2 diameters
    350mm Length
    Weight : Carbon ( 179g – 27.2 / 188g – 31.6 )

    Alloy ( 228g – 27.2 / 234g – 31.6 )

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    Unique micro-cillia grips for enhanced comfort and control. Textured surface provides excellent grip in dry conditions and further excels when the surfaces become wet from sweat, rain or humidity.

    • Moulded shape to fit Carbon Endurance MTB Handlebar
    • Moulded shape to fit Carbon Aero Bolt-On
    • Applied via self-adhesive backing
    • Printed Logo
    • Sold 2pc per pack
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