We’re no strangers to developing frames … with over 3 decades of experience in the design of both MTB and ROAD frames, the project of developing our own range of BMX RACING frames was a challenge we are both qualified and excited to accept.

The real question though is – how do we stand out in an already crowded market and a relatively niche category – like BMX?

Knowing the costs related to both the design and tooling of a from-the-ground-up carbon frame, we chose to rather start with the more affordable and potentially more “flexible” option of working with Aluminum.

The next hurdle is of course sizing – with the need to offer a full spectrum of sizes – potentially as many as 10 frame sizes, we instead have chosen to focus on a “sweet-spot” – that being Expert, Expert XL and Junior Cruiser. Why? Well, we feel this is the real growth area of the sport, where young riders really start focussing on the sport and also seeing a boost in skills and track speed. We like that!

Working with a reputable frame builder and factory is another key element to this project – and again, whilst nobody really talks about who their supplier is, we are confident that our partners in this project have the skills and experience to see us through from concept to creation!

Our new frames feature a host of features that we believe show a progressive design as well as offering performance not always found on a ” new brand ” frame …

Features that include :

– Triple Butted and Hydroformed 6000 Series Aluminum Tubing
– 1.1/8 Oversize and Integrated Headtubes
– Forged and Disc-Brake Specific Dropouts


Forged Rear Dropouts with Disc-Specific Design.

Triple Butted and Hydroformed Alloy Tubing.

The first few frames have now been made and for testing/marketing purposes we opted to produce them in a Matte Black finish with custom graphics/decals that were cut here in Australia. For first production this process will most likely change to a full water transfer decal that will be applied under the paint clear coat – as with all ” mass-produced ” frames. Having said that, the flexibility of offering riders a custom/special color for the graphics is appealing and can be done on a single basis.

The first EXPERT frame build – track side at the Sam Willoughby Race Track in Adelaide.

We’ll be spending the new few months getting these frames ridden and raced on local tracks in the hopes of growing both brand awareness as well as clocking up track time for any feedback / changes that may be requested.

There are limited numbers of Expert, Expert XL and Junior Cruiser frames still available ( as of 17 April 2024 ) and these are up for sale on our website. Get in touch if you could like to get some custom decals done or have any queries.

We’re excited to see the next phase of this project!


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