Granted it’s taking alot longer than even we could have anticipated … when we launched the rather wild and unique TWIN-T frames to the media, we were quietly confident that a July ’21 delivery date would be possible.

However with the last 6 months or so seeing some really crazy disruptions in the whole bicycle ( and most industries ) supply chain, the July window had to get pushed out!

Whilst this is not ideal and we are extremely disappointed with the situation, there has finally been some progress on our order. Just last week we received our first photos of the actual frames being welded and completed prior to being delivered to the specialist paint/decal factory that is responsible for either the Quantum Grey or Duck Egg Blue finish.

Frame production finally taking place.

We’ll continue to keep everyone updated on the progress and hope to be able to ship frame-kits and pre-orders from Nov/Dec onwards. Pre-Orders will be honoured in order of receipt and will receive high priority. Thereafter any orders placed by our Distributors will be arranged for shipping to their relevant warehouses/locations around the world.

Based on pre-orders and backorders, we still have quite a few available for allocation. So, if you’re sitting on the fence about ordering, now is the THE TIME! There is only going to be 1 production run of these at this stage, especially since we know any new orders will see a 12+ month lead-time due to the situation right now.

Those twin down-tubes …

Once again, apologies for the delay and we are very excited to finally get these to all our customers who have been waiting many months for their frames to arrive. We can’t wait to see your builds!!!

And in MTB-Build mode.

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