GPS Mount – Headset Top Cap Kit Universal Black

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*New Color Option – All Black Everything! 

Yet another by-product of what we created for the CARBON AERO BOLT-ON.

Universal design that allows the GPS MOUNT to be attached to just about any 1.1/8” Steerer equipped bike.

Lightweight and extremely adjustable. A great option for both MTB and ROAD applications.

  • Universal Fit – replaces existing Headset Top Cap
  • CNC Machined Alloy Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Includes GARMIN + WAHOO Mounts
  • Total Weight : 36g
  • Included : Headset Top Cap, Top Cap Bolt, Alloy Wishbone, Alloy Disc, 1 x Garmin Insert, 1 x Wahoo Insert, all bolt hardware 

Perfect for Trail Bikes / E-Bikes / Gravel / Road  etc

Note : we do NOT recommend the Garmin 1030/1040 for this style of lightweight and compact mount – it will be fine for smooth surfaces, but if going off-road with the 1030 ( which weighs almost 5x more than the Garmin 130 series ) the device might be able to shake loose and move during riding. Compatible Garmin units include : 130 , 530 , 830 models.

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