As with most things during COVID-Times .. this project felt like it was just dragging on and on!

What started life in 2019 has only just been produced. The reasons for this are a mix of circumstances brought on by the pandemic and related supply-chain challenges but we are just happy and excited to get our first stock.

Whilst we had previously produced a CARBON version of this handlebar, it was effectively the combination of 2 products and the parts were wrapped to join them. These were made in South Africa by our original carbon supplier and whilst it showed the potential for the concept, the final finish and pricing was just not going to work for global sales.

The decision was made to re-design the shape and produce it in Alloy. This would allow the pricing to be significantly lower, whilst allowing us to ensure the new model would have the same shape and familiar ” brand look ” that FARR has established in recent times.

The original concept … using the shape of the ALLOY AERO BOLT-ON and integrating it into a MTB base bar.

We used the ALLOY AERO BOLT-ON shape as the basis for the front extension – the revised shape and ergo profile was already proving very popular and we were in the process of developing the new GPS MOUNTS for the 22.2mm round shape.

ALLOY AERO BOLT-ON with the GPS MOUNT 22.2 Round Clamp


First 3D print of the original concept.

Above shows one of the early prints done – to verify the shape and check hand positions/comfort. This project was linked to the AERO DROP handlebar, as the front extension shape and mould would be the same for both models. The only real difference between the “base” bar – either a Drop Style ( Road / Gravel ) or Flat Style ( MTB ).

The shape was later modified slightly and we received first samples in December 2020.

First pre-production sample. December 2020.

Next step was to get some real-world riding and testing done.

One of our prototype bars being enjoyed!

So, it’s Easter Friday, 15 April 2022, and we have confirmation that the first production run is finished. Now for some final QC on the batch and then we will be able to ship out bars to our distributors around the globe.

Below are some photos of the finished product! Marathon MTB, Endurance MTB, Bikepacking, Stage Racing, choice is yours!


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