This is a question that we feel really needs answering and explanation.
But before we get there, let’s clear the air with regards to the WHY an Aero Dropbar exists and WHAT it really is.
Ok, the WHY – the name AERO is probably more a ” marketing-friendly ” term as they could also be referred to as COMFORT dropbars? These handlebars were developed to offer MORE versatility.
– MORE hand positions – with an integrated front extension, the rider can hold onto the bar in multiple different locations , whilst still being able to control and steer the bike
– MORE mounting options – the added front tubing is a great place to add your favourite accessories – lights, GPS devices, cameras and more. The added “loop” also means that storage bags can fit in this area – something we did very early on, and offer a fully integrated “aero” storage bag for both our AERO dropbar models.
Now, the WHAT – what is an AERO dropbar actually.
– it has a traditional dropbar as the ” base ” , we just add an integrated front extension
– it does offer some AERO benefits for the rider when they choose to be in the ” forward-attack” position of the bike and leaning forward whilst being able to hold the handlebar on the front
– it does offer some COMFORT benefits for the rider when they choose to change up their holding/riding position on the handlebar and/or just seeking a different body position whilst on a ride
One of the most common comments we get is about the weight. YES, these are Aluminum handlebars and this effectively means the weight is never going to be as light as a handlebar manufactured from carbon or composite, however, it also means the price-point can be at 3 ~ 5x less than a comparative carbon version. Something that we wanted to ensure as we feel not only ” competitive ” cyclists can benefit from this style of handlebar.

331g – Standard OE Bar

462g – Aero Gravel 42cm Bar

Based on the above photos – you can see the added weight for the front extension is roughly 131g. We say roughly as this is a 42cm Aero Gravel Handlebar which is substantially wider ( due to the flare in the drops ) and therefore heavier before the addition of the integrated extension. Don’t worry, we’ll explain a bit later in this blog post.

Below is the summary of the 2 handlebars are we are referencing :

1. ๐“๐“ฎ๐“ป๐“ธ ๐“–๐“ป๐“ช๐“ฟ๐“ฎ๐“ต – the original option and featuring a 25 degree flare in the drops, itโ€™s what many dropbar riders prefer for going offroad. The added control and leverage in the drops helps with stability and steering when the trail gets rough. Available in 42, 44 and 46cm widths ( c-c at the hoods )
2. ๐“๐“ฎ๐“ป๐“ธ ๐““๐“ป๐“ธ๐“น – the newer addition to the range and developed after numerous requests for an integrated extension but paired with a โ€œtraditionalโ€ shape road bar. This means no flare in the drops and reach/drop geometry that is what many road riders would be accustomed to. This model is available in 38, 40, 42, 44, 46cm widths ( also c-c at the hoods )

Ok, so we had the AERO GRAVEL handlebar and after a few months began getting requests for a similar handlebar but WITHOUT the flare in the drops. This is when the AERO DROP project was started. The purpose of this post is not to convince you that an integrated dropbar is BETTER than a standard dropbar, but rather to clarify the difference in the 2 options in our range.

Assuming you are in the market for a VERSATILE + AERO + COMFORT upgrade for your dropbar bike, then read further.

Apart from the obvious shape differences between our 2 handlebar models, it gets even more interesting when you start analysing the weight and width difference between the same ” size ” ย ( measured center-to-centre ) bars in each model.

For illustrative purposes we have used the 44cm size bars.

Visual Difference – 44cm Size

What is evident is the added overall width of the Aero Gravel model – courtesy of the flare in the drops. This equates to a slight weight difference as below.

The Aero Gravel handlebar is more suited for gravel / bikepacking enthusiasts. The addition of the flare in the drops definitely helps with control when the path or trail is not smooth or if you are riding a bike that is fully loaded with gear. Visually it also tends to suit adventure builds.

Aero Gravel 44cm – 498g

Aero Drop 44cm – 470g

The Aero Drop handlebar is more suited to road riders who prefer a more traditional shape of handlebar, but want to add some comfort and versatility for some adventure / endurance rides. With modern roadbikes getting clearance for wider tires, this is something we are seeing more and more of.

If you’re chasing pure weight savings but still want the integrated front extension, then check out the 421g option – the Aero Drop in 38cm width. Now we’re talking 90g difference … the difference in some tire weights.

421g – Aero Drop 38cm

The Aero Drop handlebar is available in traditional road sizes too – these being 38, 40, 42, 44 and 46cm widths. Below shows the huge difference in size when you consider the narrowest to the widest option for your bike.

The Integrated Front Extension Bar for Roadies – Aero Drop

Hopefully the above photos and details add some information and details with regards to the 2 different models. Feel free to reach out to us for any additional info needed.

The related product pages ( see below ) do include technical drawings for each handlebar too.

AERO GRAVEL product page HERE

AERO DROP product page HERE

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